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Nov 11, 2022

Coffee Gear

I put this up on my wiki a bit ago when a friend asked for coffee recommendations. Hopefully you can enjoy it and learn about some coffee machines you don't know yet.

What I drink

Woke Living Coffee

My favorite coffee is from Pamela and Marcus at https://wokelivingcoffee.com/. They are a couple of local to me roasters in Wake Forest, NC who have connections to a farm in La Dalia, Nicaragua. Not only do they sell great coffee, they are extremely nice and we visit them any chance we get at our local Black Farmers Market.



I prefer burr grinders, there's documented evidence that they are better, I won't get into that here.


I use a Baratza Virtuoso that I picked up refurbished. It works great! For drip coffee I will grind at step 28, for aeropress I will grind at 20, and for french press I will set to 30.


For travel I will bring my Hario Skerton, works great, super easy to clean. I usually don't change the grind setting while traveling so I don't complain about the annoying screw post to set it.

Brewing Machines


For my daily coffee, I have a Moccamaster Technivorm. My friend Andrey recommended it. It works extremely well and very consistent pours.


When I'm feeling fancy - or I'm trying a new coffee - I will break out my Chemex. I do a 1:16 ratio of beans to water. I use the Brown Paper Chemex Filters. I appreciate the bleached papers, but prefer unbleached.


For camping, I will bring my Aeropress. It's plastic, lightweight, and to my experience it is indestructible for travel.

French Press

When I roast my own coffee, I like to experience it in multiple brewing methods. I have a Bodum Bean French Press I got over a decade ago as a gift that has worked great. This one has an o-ring to seal the pouring spout, so the temperature chamber inside doesn't leak - a feature I like.

Roasting Machines & Software

FreshRoast SR700

I have a glorified popcorn maker SR700 as a roaster. I'm not the biggest fan of it, the built in software is a mess, the manual buttons on it are a nightmare to use. It works, I can only get consistent coffee out of it if I use OpenRoast. It has a USB port so you can control it with software.


The OpenRoast software is okay, but I don't have a temperature probe on my SR700, so I can only see "what is set" for temperature, and not get an accurate reading if I were using something like Artisan. I could set up a PID server on an arduino and plug into the usb port, but I feel at that rate I'd rather just buy a new roaster that works with better software. I do like OpenRoast is in Python so I can read and write the code.

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