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March 2024

  • Astrid is now one, walking, and almost talking. Proud Dad.

October 2023

  • I started working at REDLattice, a Cybersecurity company.

June 2023

  • I was laid off from EverQuote in a round of layoffs.

April 2023

  • Set up FreeDOS on an old Dell Vostro 1720 - so I can now use things like TurboC, WordStar, and play old DOS Games.
  • Set up Amiberry with AmigaOS Workbench3.1 on a flash drive, so I can tool around with Amiga finally.
  • Ordered a Godot course on Zenva from HumbleBundle. I'm glad to finally peek at it at least, always interested me as a game engine.
  • Astrid is two months old now, and not sleeping the best, but growing bigger.
  • Making some new parent friends. Helped one new father move. Walked with a couple in our neighborhood about to have a baby and hopefully we stay connected.
  • Grandmother is out of the hospital after having two heart stints put in, and giving us a scare with potential fatal surgery.

March 2023

  • Wife had our first child Astrid Mina, on March 2, 2023. On Parental leave until April 26.
  • Still working at EverQuote, on a different team now that does Go, React and Ruby.
  • Haven't flown in a while, taking some time off because of some mental health reasons, and now with a kid, no time for a bit.

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