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Jun 16, 2023

Laid Off - 2023 Edition!

"Hey Tyrel, I put a meeting on your calendar, let me know if you can make it." The last words you want to hear from your manager.

Well it happened again, and I got caught in some layoffs from work and am on the job hunt again. I did want to be able to spend more time with Astrid, but not like this!

After the call with HR and them all explaining what was happening, and panic texting my wife and some friends. I emailed the recruiters I've been working with for a few weeks back, and all day today I've been appling to a lot of places.

There are a LOT of jobs out there I'm not interested in, a lot of Ruby on Rails jobs, crypto companies, etc. But I am finding a LOT of Python or Go jobs I'm applying to. I'd love to get a job doing rust and firmware work, but that's unlikely as I want to stay remote, and I have very minimal Rust experience.

What worries me is finding health insurance, because America ties it to work... my wife is unemployed and now we have to cancel a few appointments for us the next few weeks. Still going to keep Astrids 4mo vaccinations though. Those I'll be okay paying out of pocket for.

I just ended the day applying to twelve jobs, hopefully one pans out!

If anyone needs any Python consultation, let me know too! Thanks!

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