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Oct 16, 2022

New Blog - Pelican!

If you have read the previous post, and then looked at this one, there are a LOT of changes that happened. I was recently exploited and had heysrv.php files everywhere, so I have decided to forego wordpress for now. I am now using Pelican!

It's very sleek, and only took me a few hours to port my Wordpress export to Pelican reStructuredText format.

All I have to do is run invoke publish and it will be on the server. No PHP, no database. All files properly in their right places.

It comes with your standard blogging experience: Categories, Tags, RSS/Atom feeds, etc. You need to set up Disqus — which I probably won't — in order to get comments though.

I'm pleased with it. I have posts go under YYYY/MM/slug.html files, which I like for organization. Posting images is easy, I just toss it under content/images/YYYY/MM/ with date for organization.

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